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Tartan Racing wins $2 million prize for DARPA Urban Challenge  (11/4/07)

Finalists announced (11/1/07)

NQE team participation, 6:30 p.m. PDT update (10/30/07)

NQE team participation, 11:00 a.m. PDT update (10/30/07)

Photos of NQE are being added daily to Gallery (10/28/07)

Media resources for coverage on- and off-site (10/23/07, updated 11/1/07)

Semifinalists announced  (8/09/07)

Site Visit teams announced  (5/11/07)

DARPA finalizes prizes for the Urban Challenge (12/08/06)

Track B teams announced (10/18/06)

Track A teams announced (10/2/06)

Enthusiastic response for Urban Challenge Participants Conference (5/20/06)

DARPA Announces Third Grand Challenge: Urban Challenge Moves to the City (5/1/06)

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